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Guggenheim pressured reporter about “ties to Gulf Labor”

© Molly Crabapple for VICE

© Molly Crabapple for VICE

Art Fag City: “We have now received leaked email correspondence between the Guggenheim and Molly Crabapple while she was working on this story. These emails reveal a shocking unwillingness to provide any statement to journalists who [Guggenheim] speculate[s] might be involved in any pro-worker activist efforts, such as Gulf Labor.

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The Islands of Evasion: Mariam Ghani

Mariam Ghani and Erin Ellen Kelly, Smile, You're in Sharjah, 2009, still from video installation.

Mariam Ghani and Erin Ellen Kelly, Smile, You’re in Sharjah, 2009, still from video installation.

In April, Triple Canopy organized a forum called Critical Language, during which a group of artists, writers, curators, arts administrators, and other cultural workers discussed the “political implications and uses” of specialized language in the art world. The forum itself was inspired by the specific thread of that debate tweaked by Mostafa Heddaya’s March 2013 Hyperallergic article “When Artspeak Masks Oppression,” which analyzed the language deployed by the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi project and its representatives, and the subsequent response by Guggenheim director Richard Armstrong, also published by Hyperallergic. Continue reading

Gulf Labor statement on Frieze New York

It has been Gulf Labor‘s position since its inception that the disregard of worker rights is a global phenomenon which requires resistance wherever it emerges, and wherever one is able to act. We have stated that this disregard for the safety, social conditions, and rights of workers is a problem not unique to Saadiyat Island in the United Arab Emirates. Continue reading