Who hired investigator to spy on Andrew Ross (Gulf Labor) and Ariel Kaminer (New York Times)?

Aried Kaminsky (New York Times), Andrew Ross (Gulf Labor).
Aried Kaminer (New York Times), Andrew Ross (Gulf Labor).

As Professor Fraiman recalled the conversation, “She said: ‘We’re investigating Andrew Ross for his comments about this and a particular journalist, Ariel Kaminer, who wrote about it. By the way, do you know her?’ ”

“I am amazed that anyone would waste time investigating a reporter instead of trying to help these workers,” said Ms Kaminer…

The revelation that a private investigator has been collecting information about the professor, Andrew Ross, and the reporter, Ariel Kaminer, alarmed university officials. “The university has no knowledge of this and no involvement,” John Beckman, an N.Y.U. spokesman, said in a statement. “It’s reprehensible and offensive on its face, and we call on whoever is involved to desist immediately.”..

..Ms. Berger, the private investigator, said she would ask her unnamed employers if they would explain their mission publicly. “I don’t think they are going to,” she said. Asked to comment on N.Y.U.’s admonition that the investigators “desist,” Ms. Berger was noncommittal. “Desist? O.K.,” she said. She paused and added, “I’m not aware of that statement.”

Loren Berger

“As an investigator, I have worked on complex corporate fraud cases, on antitrust investigations, political and legal corruption cases, as well as gun-trafficking investigations, for various legal practices and public-interest groups. I have always tried to get involved in the emerging issues—or scandals—of the day because of the potential to do break-through investigative work.”

Artist Interview: Loren Berger

Loren Berger’s Linked In:
Case Manager, Investigative Consulting
 – Present (3 years 3 months)
Working with a variety of investigative practices and law firms around the country in the arenas of corporate due diligence and litigation support; specializing in fraud, white-collar crime, consumer protection and antitrust cases.

“A remarkable knack at uncovering facts and leads that are not at all apparent at first”
“Excellent analytical skills”
“A first-rate writer and editor”
“Commitment to quality work”*
(*Various Performance Evaluations)

Full article
Murky Inquiry Targets Critic of N.Y.U. Role in Abu Dhabi, and a Reporter

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